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International Training Building

Photo: International Training Building[1]

International Training Building
was built for the purpose of systematically training experts in international environmental cooperation. And it is equiped with laboratories necessary for international cooperation training, and serves as the national center of the environmental training in our country.

In this building several measures are taken to reduce emission of CO2 of this Building aiming to be as teaching materials of "Eco-building."

Photo: Atrium[1]


Photo: Large-sizede Seminar RoomA[1]

Large-sized Seminar Room A
The room has a seating capacity of 75. The room is provided with necessary equipments including a front large screen for projected images by video, lazar-disc, OHP and computer.

Photo: Medium-sized Seminar room C[1]

Medium-sized Seminar room C
Computers with Internet access are placed in the room.

Photo: Analysis Room[1]

Analysis Room

Photo: Temperature,humidity controlled laboratoty[1]

Temperature,humidity controlled laboratory

Photo: The Library[1]

The Library
Various kinds of books, mainly technical ones for study and research, are provided in the room.